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It is all-in-one lighting that consumer can choose lighting's type and direction. It can be used various purpose, for example, fishing, camping, climbing, working, and car safety goods.

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iTorch Hands-Free LED Light
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Technical Specifications

LED ColorCool White
Power SupplyAA battery X 2EA
Battery Life14hours ~ 24hours
Size70mm X 130mm X 25mm
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Detailed Introduction

1. It was manufactured by patents for using LED's straight and convex lens's concentration, and rotational cover. A LED shines around and a convex lenses shine long distance. So, consumer can choose and use this all in one product as a flashlight,lantern, head lantern, or safety light at anytime and anywhere as they wish. 

2. By turning the LED panel, safety cover, and red filter cover to adjust the lighting angle, consumer can choose lighting's type and direction.
3. When an accident happens, It can be used as a safety lights for car's secondary accident prevention. Because the red filter cover can be rotated and it has an excellent visibility, so it acts as a flare signal. 

4. Also, because it is necklace, consumer can hang it on their neck. Therefore, both hands are free to use, and it is that remedy head lantern's weakness by light up your front and foot at the same time.