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User centered lighting

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We brings the high efficiency all-in-one lighting.
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Consumer purchases each portable lighting depending on their need. 

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We produce an all-in-one portable lighting user can use anwhere and anytime.

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iTorch is the best efficient portable lighting including function of lantern, flash light, and flare signal.

Why Choose iTorch

Experience the differentiated features of iTorch


It was manufactured by patents for using LED's straight and convex lens's concentration, and rotational cover. A LED shines around and a convex lenses shine long distance. So, consumer can choose and use this all in one product as a flashlight,lantern, head lantern, or safety light at anytime and anywhere as they wish. 

User centered lighting

User centered lighting

By turning the LED panel, safety cover, and red filter cover to adjust the lighting angle, consumer can choose lighting's type and direction.

For safety

For safety

When an accident happens, It can be used as a safety lights for car's secondary accident prevention. Because the red filter cover can be rotated and it has an excellent visibility, so it acts as a flare signal.



Because it is necklace, consumer can hang it on their neck. Therefore, both hands are free to use, and it is that remedy head lantern's weakness by light up your front and foot at the same time.

All-in-one lighting iTorch Demo

Find out the benefits of the iTorch hands-free
It is about how to use iTorch hands-free. User can use it when enjoys leisure activities like a cycling, fishing, and camping. Also, when an accident occurs it can be used flare signal.

How to use iTorch

It can be used various way. Look at the video, and refer to the usage.

  •  Leisure like a cycling, running, fishing
  •  Flare signal when an accident
  •  Hands-free by necklace type
  •  Hang, grab, stand, attach

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